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Build on a foundation of passion and trust, home-grown electronics company Apps-Connect came to realisation in March 2007. The company was launched with the belief that electronics can touch lives and an understanding that all of us will rely on some form of electronics every day. As technology continues to become an indispensable part of our lives, Apps-Connect remains relevant with ample opportunities to grow.

Apps-Connect, as the name suggests, aims to connect companies with applications that are niche to various industries, putting these companies at the forefront with an edge over their competitors.

The company started with a specialisation in niche component distribution and the business has expanded to providing solutions to convert products to IoT based solutions and finished products for security application and elder care .


Today, Apps-Connect offers solutions to the consumer, industrial, medical, military and security markets around the world so their customers can stay engaged within the IoT arena and keep up with the emergence of disruptive technologies.